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Harmony & Love Incense Compassionate Objectivity Experiencing Being
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NEW! Made with Master Co's special formula to quickly transmute negative stressful & emotional energies into more loving & happy space!

The Golden Lotus Sutras on Character Building. The Golden Lotus Sutras on Life
Sunflower Field Poster Om Mani Padme Hum CD Om Shanti CD
Our Price: $15.00
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Our Price: $20.00
Infuse a space with energy of happiness with this Pranic Feng Shui appropriate image
Experience the flow of intense divine and compassionate energies as GrandMaster Choa and over 400 spiritual practitioners chant this sacred mantra. You will experience a profound sense of serenity and divine oneness. Recorded Live. This sacred mantra facilitates deeper states of relaxation to create a sense of calmness and spiritual well being.
DVD: Enhancing & Healing Relationships: The Energetic Approach Meditation on Twin Hearts for Psychological Health and Well Being Lotus Amethyst Bracelet
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New! Powerful Workshop with Master Co on improving Relationships! This is a very powerful meditation that cleanses and disintegrates self generated negative thoughts and emotions, as well as psychic attacks. Bracelet with Spiritual symbolism and a modern look, Makes a wonderful gift!